Milan: My favorite coffee places

I love Saturdays, a little bit lazy, with long mornings when hardest decision is where to go for coffee and breakfast. Always talking about some new, sweet places that we should try out, and always ending up on same old places that we already love.

Even though Milan has too many coffee spots, it is not easy to find place in which we can enjoy our long coffee and breakfast. The reason is that in Milan, breakfast means brioche, croissant or some nice pastry and cookie. Not even coffee in Milan means coffee that we’re used to. There’s no lazy enjoyment and long talks over the same cup of coffee for an hour. In Milan, you drink your coffee in less than a minute, while it is still hot, standing at the bar. That morning ritual of going for coffee and brioche for beginning of the work day is something that I embraced and one of the things I miss the most when I am away.


Even though on working days I enjoy going to those fast coffees and brioches, on weekends  I need my coffee rituals so I  choose some places more similar to ours at home, where we can enjoy our cappuccinos with long conversation. So today in our tour I am taking you to some of those “fast“ coffee spots and some of those where you can spend few hours of your Saturday. All of them are in the city center so you will be able to find them easily.

Cioccolati Italiani, Via De Amicis

Cioccolati Italiani is one of my all time favorites, and the newest one (actually renovated) has become my second office for home working days. It’s perfect for morning cappuccino and brioche, where my favorite is integral brioche with cereals and filled in with their famous milk or white chocolate. Here you can have also waffles with nutella and strawberries, different type of coffees or on weekend days you can enjoy easy brunch.

Pave Milano, Via Felice Casati

This one is not in the city center, but it is really close to it and it is worth small walk. Bar Pave is on all the lists for best places for breakfast in Milan for a years. Together with one of the best brioche with chocolate you  will be able to enjoy casual and nice atmosphere and great cappuccino. While I was living near this place, it was my favorite spot for Saturdays caffe. I would sit in armchair in the corner, near the window and enjoy my books.

Graniao, Duomo

My favorite place for coffee and brioche on working days is restaurant and bar in front of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle. Here you van choose between great brioche with chocolate, gianduia (hazelnut chocolate cream-like nutella), cream, ricotta. My favorite choice is usually gianduia and cappuccino. And if I have no time to drink it there, I just take it with me to office.

Moleskine Caffe, Corso Garibaldi

Caffe bar  opened by famous notebook brand is on of my new favorite places on Corso Garibaldi, quite different from traditional Italian bars. Place is relaxed, offering you perfect cappuccino. Made like co-working space, supporting creativity , and where you  can stay for hours working on your laptop or reading a book. This is the place where design and book lovers gather together with hipsters, free-lancers and coffee lovers.

Pasticceria Marchesi, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

If you want perfect view on Galleria, or perfect Instagram photo while drinking your coffee, then you should totally go to this amazing place, owned by Prada which is also one of the oldest pasticcerias in Milan. You can not make mistake by choosing some of the sweets here for breakfast together with their amazing cappuccino which is just how we like it, creamy and perfect. For me, this places is the best at the holiday time when you have the view on the beautiful Christmas tree.

Caffe bar Trussardi

And todays walk we will end in Trussardi bar, my favorite place for short breaks for coffee, where even in the afternoon I can not resist their perfect cappuccino and small break from work with my girls. Cold marble bar and high chairs are not the place for relaxation and coffees on weekends, but they are perfect to run away from work on few minutes.

List of the all places with good coffee and brioche would be too long, because in Milan it is hard to find bad coffee. And almost in all bars you can find amazing brioches. So relax, because for good coffee and brioche you do not need lists or tripadvisor, just follow your nose which will lead you to the amazing cofee and enjoy Milan, becasue la vita e bella!


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