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Add some drama to your days

Holiday season is taking me over completely, as everything around me is shining and sparkling, christmas trees are all around and you can hear jingle bells on every corner. So it makes me add some drama and some gold touch to todays outfit, keeping it still elegant enough for office with pleated midi skirt, easy and warm for city walk on christmas market and still with glamour touch for glass of wine in my favorite winebar.

Warm Winter Jacket for Cold Zagreb Days

Even though I’m comming from Sarajevo, city among mountains, famous for it’s winter Olympic games of 1984, it took me just four years in Milan to get used to warmer winters, few very cold days and almost none snow at all. Now, moving to Zagreb, somewhere in between Sarajevo and Milan in every sense, I realized that all my winter coats are just nice fancy light coats and all my real jackets are one for skiing and casual days reserved for Sarajevo winter holidays. So, as for most of women, shopping is always solution and this time I started to check out realy warm winter jacket that can get me through cold Balkanic winters. As I am not very practical person, always more focused on esthetics then on functionality (I blame my zodiac sign for it of course), it’s not easy to find jacket that suits my needs. Luckily these days I guess there are more then few women with same issues, so brends are introducing variety of options beside classic winter models.

Nothing compares to seaside

Nothing compares to seaside days, to waking up with sound of sea, having morning coffee with view of that calm deep blue and long relaxing laying down at the beach. It was allways hard for me to understand people who don’t like the sea, even the ones who get bored of it after few days, as I could spend all summer long in some small beach town or quiet bay.

This morning I am preparing you new outfit and writing from beautiful terrace next to the sea and only little problem is it last a little bit longer as my eyes wander along those blue colours of sea. The vacation started little bit later this year, but I tend to enjoy it now to maximum. We have escaped from work and city to little bay at the beautiful island and my only plan is to read, relax, explore the island and prepare some posts for you.

Summer blues in H&M and Mango

Yet another hot summer day in Milano, and with these temperatures it’s not easy to be motivated and inspired for mix and match game, when all you want is just to put as less clothes on you as possible. So let’s go in blue tones today, making it simple, yet chic and giving it cold hue of baby blue, as if it would bring some refreshment in air.