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Milan: My favorite coffee places

I love Saturdays, a little bit lazy, with long mornings when hardest decision is where to go for coffee and breakfast. Always talking about some new, sweet places that we should try out, and always ending up on same old places that we already love.

Even though Milan has too many coffee spots, it is not easy to find place in which we can enjoy our long coffee and breakfast. The reason is that in Milan, breakfast means brioche, croissant or some nice pastry and cookie. Not even coffee in Milan means coffee that we’re used to. There’s no lazy enjoyment and long talks over the same cup of coffee for an hour. In Milan, you drink your coffee in less than a minute, while it is still hot, standing at the bar. That morning ritual of going for coffee and brioche for beginning of the work day is something that I embraced and one of the things I miss the most when I am away.