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Milano: My favorite dining & wining spots

With fashion crowd heading to Milan, for one more Fashion Week, it is perfect time for you to plan some city break trip to Milan and enjoy it’s food, wine, beauty and energy. In next days Milan will be full of diversity, of fashionable people and influencer-wannabes who will try to catch attention of street style photographers and show the best of their style, and it is something to enjoy and embrace. All main clubs and bars will host after work and after show parties, but even if you’re not fan of those, there is plenty of places in Milan where you can enjoy your night.

Today I take you to some of my favorite dining & wining spots, showing you nice places to have glass (or bottle of wine) with your friends, some easy casual dinner or enjoy cocktail over fantastic panoramic view.

I’ll keep you around city center for most of the time so you can easily reach those places after long day of sight seeing or shopping :).

1. Signorvino, Via Dante or Duomo

Let’s start with easiest place to reach, which you can find in very city center, on two locations: behind Duomo cathedral itself and in Via Dante, between Duomo and Castello Sforzesco. In Signorvino you can have excellent pasta, salad or some typical regional Italian dish, but this place is famous for it’s huge and great wine selection. You can choose wines from any Italian region, made by small wineries, choosing between white, prosecco (sparkling wine) , rose or red. If you like cozy atmosphere then visit the one behind Duomo, while if you prefer industrial interior design and spacious places, go to the one in Via Dante.

2. Dry, Via Solferino 33

One of the most stylish bars in Milano, and, my very favorite, Dry is quite famous cocktail bar with always pleasant atmosphere, great music, modern industrial interior and perfect cocktails. Choose one of signature cocktails of the bar, like French 75 and accompany  it with pizza – simple and delicious.

3. Temakinho, Via Boccaccio 4

Japanese-Brazilian restaurant chain present in Milan, Rome, London and Ibiza, is my favorite sushi restaurant in Milan, with it’s atypical sushi and distinguished menu. The newest of three restaurants in Milan can be find near to Cadorna train and metro station and is my favorite with it’s beautiful interior of multiple rooms differently decorated and with live Bossa Nova or some other latin-style music. The signature drink here is caipirinha, but you can have also wine or beer.

4. Living, Corso Sempione

Corso Sempione area is one of most popular going-out areas in Milan with many restaurant and aperitivo bar, of which my favorite is Living, just next to Arco della Pace. During nice summer nights you can enjoy outside surrounded with threes and enjoy nearness of park, while during colder nights you will enjoy very nicely decorated interior. With great cocktail here you can have a snack from buffet that is served.

5. Terrazza Triennale, Viale Emilio Alemagna

Terrazza Triennale (Osteria con vista) is placed on top of Design Museum (Triennale) and it has beautiful view over Sempione park – main city park and new Milanese skyline. Even I have never been to New York, this is how I imagine view over Central Park :). This is why I love coming here for glass of cold prosseco during hot summer afternoons.

6. Duomo 21 ili Terazza Aperol, Piazza Duomo

These two bars are famous for their terraces overlooking Duomo and Milan main square. During the summer nights there are often small parties organized here and they have some magic with that view. During winter I avoid them they are really not places with character :).

7. Sheraton Diana Majestic, Viale Piave 42

Part of the same hotel, this is one of Milan all time favorite bars with spacious and beautiful interior, leather sofas and chairs, long bar, huge windows and probably most beautiful garden in Milan. This is one more place where rich buffet is served so together with your drink you can have light dinner.

8. N’Ombra de Vin, Via San Marco 2

Traditional style underground  wine bar (enoteca) with boxes and bottles of wine all around you, this is very popular place for going out during the week and on week end. As part of Brera, one of the most beautiful  quarters in Milan, you can easily find it after your afternoon walk, and during summer nights you will find many people on small terrace-like area in front of it, sitting around small tables or standing with their glass of wine and doing some mingling.

9. Ugo Cocktail Bar, Navigli, Via Corsico 12

Being in Milan you will probably end up one of your nights in Navigli, Milan channels that Italians proudly compare to Amsterdam. Navigli is one of most lively areas, full of restaurants and bars lined up on both sides of main channel, Naviglio Grande, and always popular especialy among young people and tourists. Here you will find many sweet trattorias (traditional restaurants), some casual wine bars, many aperitivo bars and some very good cocktail bars. On most of the lists you will find Rita&Cocktails and Mag (which are really good), and I would recommend you also Ugo cocktail bar, hipster bar with very nice atmosphere and great cocktails.

10. Deus ex Machina, Via Thaon Di Revel 3

One more cool and laid back place in one of lately very popular areas – Isola. Here you can have brunch, dinner or drink.

11. Ceresio 7, Via Ceresio 7

And to close todays walk trough Milan dining & wining spots I take you to Ceresio 7, glamorous and fashionable restaurant-cocktail rooftop bar with pool and fantastic panoramic view of Milan. Founded by Dsquared2 team this is one of most trendy places in Milan where fashion crowd meets up. Although this is not every-day place, it’s worth a visit!

Milan: My favorite coffee places

I love Saturdays, a little bit lazy, with long mornings when hardest decision is where to go for coffee and breakfast. Always talking about some new, sweet places that we should try out, and always ending up on same old places that we already love.

Even though Milan has too many coffee spots, it is not easy to find place in which we can enjoy our long coffee and breakfast. The reason is that in Milan, breakfast means brioche, croissant or some nice pastry and cookie. Not even coffee in Milan means coffee that we’re used to. There’s no lazy enjoyment and long talks over the same cup of coffee for an hour. In Milan, you drink your coffee in less than a minute, while it is still hot, standing at the bar. That morning ritual of going for coffee and brioche for beginning of the work day is something that I embraced and one of the things I miss the most when I am away.